Executive Management, Masters in Business Administration

36 Credits
The Peter J. Tobin College of Business
Queens Campus, Staten Island Campus


To meet the technological, global and ethical challenges of the marketplace and society at large, the Management Department provides management education in a climate conducive to scholarship in managerial decision-making and human relation skills. The Department's objectives make the student aware of business' place in contemporary society, emphasizing the scope and responsibilities of business, the sociopolitical milieu in which it operates and the economy from which it derives. Students learn to develop intellectual competence and basic managerial skills in such functional fields as materials and operations management, personnel management, methods improvement, the management of information systems and international management.

This concentration takes an integrated approach to business management and is aimed at those students interested in the general management of the enterprise. The program is designed to provide students with the flexibility to meet their individual needs. Specifically, by choosing an appropriate course from the list of courses listed below, students can acquire expertise in such specialized areas as:

  • E-Business Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Management
  • Management Information Systems
  • Operations/Supply Management

Or, students can choose a general approach to executive management. This program synthesizes the following general and specific aspects of modern management: strategic management, global management, managerial problem-solving and decision-making, management information systems, entrepreneurial management, organizational behavior, human relations, corporate social responsibility and management of change.

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Department Contact
Dr. John Angelidis-Chair
Bent Hall, Room 366
Phone: (718) 990-6495
Fax: (718) 990-1868


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Career Outcomes

The goal of this program is to expand the learning experience of our students beyond traditional problem-solving and decisionmaking methods, to include the examination of the impact of the global business environment, information technology and the social  system on the operations of the business firm.

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Additional Information

The Department of Management also offers the Colman Mockler International Responsible Corporate Leadership Program. This program brings distinguished business leaders to give talks and workshops for students and faculty and to visit classes. Past speakers include Warren Buffett, Al Zeien, Chairman and CEO of Gillette and Patrick Purcell, President, Publisher and Owner of The Boston Herald and Jobfind.com.

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