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The Review of Business was first published in 1968 as a journal that concentrated on the New York economy, but it rapidly evolved to focus on business research that favors the practical and applicative side of inquiry. While we still prefer research that leads to pragmatic applications, the papers that our global review board accepts may also contain a high degree of statistical and theoretical analysis. Articles covering issues from all business sciences are welcomed, including those that focus on law, poverty and ethics.

Recent Issues

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    Volume 37, Number 1 - Spring 2016
    Volume 36, Number 1 - Summer 2015     
    Volume 35, Number 1 - Summer-Fall 2014
    Volume 34, Number 1 - Winter 2013-2014
    Volume 33, Number 2 - Summer 2013
    Volume 33, Number 1 - Winter 2012-2013
    Volume 32, Number 2 - Summer 2012
    Volume 32, Number 1-Winter 2011-2012
    Volume 31, Number 2-Summer 2011
    Volume 31, Number 1-Fall 2010
    Volume 30, Number 2-Special Issue - Accounting - Spring 2010
    Volume 30, Number 1-Fall 2009
    Volume 29, Number 2-Spring 2009
    Volume 29, Number 1-Fall 2008
    Volume 28, Number 2-Winter 2008
    Volume 28, Number 1-Fall 2007
    Volume 27, Number 4-Accounting Special Edition 2007
    Volume 27, Number 1-Winter 2006
    Volume 26, Number 3-Fall 2005
    Volume 26, Number 2-Spring 2005
    Volume 26, Number 1 Winter 2005
    Volume 25, Number 1 - Winter 2004

About the Review of Business

The articles received by the journal are reviewed by the Editor and two independent reviewers. Furthermore, each article is checked for originality and accuracy of citations.

The Review of Business is a refereed publication with a Global Review Board consisting of distinguished business scholars or practitioners who have a lengthy publication record. The Review of Business began in 1968 as a journal focused on the New York Economy and rapidly increased its scope to include a wide range of business research from all business sciences, including those that focus on law, poverty and ethics. Accepted articles contain a high degree of empirical and theoretical analysis but favor the practical and applicative side of inquiry. Articles received by the Journal are reviewed by the Editor and two independent reviewers. Furthermore, each article is checked for originality and accuracy of citations. The Journal is listed in Cabell’s Directory and the acceptance rate of articles ranges between 21-30%. Past issues can be viewed at:

The Review of Business has a subscription base totaling approximately 2,000. It is published three times per year; however, at times this may change depending on the flow of articles. Articles featured in the Review of Business offer insight into some of the most relevant topics in today's business world.  Recently published articles have addressed subjects that include: issues in the financial crisis; improving information systems performance; the hidden costs of outsourcing; product development and time-based competition; judging your portfolio's return; value-added international accounting standards; teaching points, and invited commentary. In 1998 the Review of Business won the Association of University Business and Economic Research (AUBER) Award for quality in publication.

Editor: Igor Tomic, Ph.D., Editor

Maxine Brady
718-990-7407, Associate Editor

If you would like to submit an article for publication in Review of Business, please read our Submission Guidelines for Authors

Author Submission and Review Guidelines   

Here are the guidelines for submitting an article to the Review of Business:

Articles in all business fields including law, ethics, and poverty, which are of current interest to business practitioners and educators, preferably with practical action-oriented recommendations.   

Submit your paper by email in a Microsoft Word format to:
Files in PDF format cannot be accepted.  


  1. Eighteen pages with double-spaced text is the maximum length free of charge.
  2. Include within these pages all tables or charts.  Please call them Exhibits, and number them sequentially.
  3. Include a list of References at the end of the article.  Do not include references that have not been mentioned within your article.
  4. Two or three excess pages are permitted, but there will be a $50 charge for each double-spaced page.  Make your check payable to St. John’s University.

Your paper should include:

  1. An Executive Summary (length about 1 page); no Abstract is needed.
  2. A clearly stated Objective (research question).
  3. The importance of the topic, and your contribution to it.
  4. A review of recent literature.

Citations and References:

  1. Put citations within the text immediately after you quote or paraphrase someone else’s statement or original idea. Put the citation inside parentheses, using the standard format. For example: (Smith, 2008, p. 43).  Whenever possible, include the page number of your reference.
  2. Do not cite unnecessary items. Give credit only to new or significant ideas or material. Too many citations can make an article difficult to read. If you need to insert multiple citations within a paragraph, consider making some of them Endnotes, instead.
  3. Put an alphabetical list of your bibliographical References at the end of the article.  Include only references that are used in the text.
  4. Please use the following bibliographic format:

For a Book Reference:
Author’s Name. Year. Title of book in italics. City: Publisher.
For example:
Siegel, James J. 2005. The future for investors. New York: Crown Business.

For an Article Reference:
Author’s Name. Year. Title of article in normal type. Title of periodical in italics.  Date and volume number if available.  Pages.
For example:
Porterba, John. 2001. Demographic Structure and Asset Returns.  Review of Economics and Statistics 83: 565-584.

Frequency of Publication:
The Review of Business is published two times per year.  

Mailing Address:
Review of Business
The Tobin College of Business
St. John’s University
8000 Utopia Parkway
Queens, New York 11439