Center for Accounting Research and Technology

What is CART?
The Center for Accounting Research and Technology (CART) is the new home for students and faculty of the Department of Accounting and Taxation at the Tobin College. The Center is dedicated to our student's success on the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam. 

We are here to help you register for the exam, review for the exam and pass the exam. In the near future, CART will offer a computer lab with CPA exam review software and accounting packages, tutoring hours, space for research and group work and much more.

What services do we offer?
CART is pleased to offer CPA exam advisement for all students in a CPA licensure-qualifying program and alumni from the most recent graduating class. We will help you register for the CPA exam and come up with an action plan to successfully pass all four parts of the exam which includes a review program and any additional tutoring you might need. 

What CPA review programs do we offer?
We are pleased to offer the complete Becker program for only $1,625 - 50% off the regular price -   to students or STJ alumni from the most recent graduating class, with up to $1,600 reimbursable back to students who pass the CPA exam.*  Students may attend live Becker classes right here at St. John’s, with classes being offered year-round on the Queens and Staten Island campuses, or they can elect to take online classes with Becker or self study.

For details on the Becker program, click here.

CART has a full library of Bisk CPA Exam Review lectures on DVD that students may view during scheduled hours. 

We also have partnerships with many other review companies to offer heavily discounted review materials.

*Students with full-time offers from firms that pay for Becker are not eligible for this program

How do I get more information?
For more information, please contact: 
Mark M. Ulrich
Director, Center for Accounting Research and Technology