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About The Peter J. Tobin College of Business

Welcome to The Peter J. Tobin College of Business at St. John’s University. You are probably on this website because you’re about to make one of the larger decisions of your life: Which business school to attend. Exciting? Yes! But the decision is not an easy one. After all, the degree you earn, the institution from which you earn it, and what you learn, will travel with you for the rest of your professional life. You will want to maximize the return on your time and financial investment. You will want to consider the “fit” of a school with your preferred learning style. You will want the best professors, the best classmates, and to be where the action is. You will want a school with an engaged and dedicated alumni network. And maybe, just maybe, you will want to have a little fun along the way. We hope that by exploring the Tobin website you will come to appreciate the uniqueness of the College and our innovative approach to business education.

For almost ninety years the Tobin College has offered opportunities for individuals from throughout the world to study in New York City’s dynamic business and cultural environment. Our curriculum emphasizes a strong cross-functional understanding of business practice, experiential learning, and a global perspective, all in a values-based context. At Tobin, we believe that operating ethically and with a passion for high principle is a powerful business and career strategy. It’s not surprising that our alumni lead great organizations worldwide.Below are just a few examples of what makes our College stand apart from the rest:

The Student Managed Investment Fund

The multi-million dollar Student Managed Investment Fund allows students, under the supervision of an advisory committee of faculty and distinguished alumni, to invest a portion of the University’s endowment. Tobin students identify, analyze, and present investment opportunities to the committee. They then become responsible for monitoring the performance of their portfolio, and making real buy, hold, or sell decisions. Earnings (and they’ve been strong) fund scholarships for economically disadvantaged students.

The Executive-in-Residence Program

The Executive-in-Residence Program enables Tobin students to serve as consultants to actual for- or not-for-profit companies. Reporting to and guided by clients’ senior managers, students seek solutions to complex, real-world, business challenges. Consulting engagements with real challenges, real responsibilities, and real consequences, require real work, and really bright, really capable students. Sound like you?

Academic Service-learning and Economic Development

Our students have established a global reputation for leadership in the field of service-learning. They have helped establish an African-American owned brewing company in Harlem, NY, a taxicab company employing paraplegic drivers, an innovative mental healthcare facility, a state-of-the-art genetics biorepository, and a company that purchases and renovates subsidized housing for the poor.  Student teams have also engaged in more traditional investment banking projects (including a comprehensive analysis of the strategic alternatives available to a Netherlands-based MNC) and management consulting engagements (including the turnaround of a struggling inner-city high school).

Global Studies

Tobin students are afforded the opportunity to study at St. John’s Graduate Center in Rome, Italy. The Graduate Center’s five- to seven-week semesters allow students to seamlessly dovetail their studies in Rome and New York. Since all required MBA courses are offered at the Graduate Center, students also have the option of completing their entire degree in Rome. Earning all or part of an MBA from an AACSB-International accredited business school in the middle of the European Union is an invaluable professional achievement and personal experience. Interested now?

If any of this “sounds like you”, perhaps that difficult decision we discussed earlier has just been made a little easier. Continue to explore our website, and don’t hesitate to contact us directly. I look forward to seeing you on campus.