Online Learning Pedagogy II

Online Learning Pedagogy II is an OPTIONAL four week online course covering topics and materials that builds upon the teaching techniques covered in the Pedagogy 1 course.   This course content deals with pedagogical methods of engaging your students in your online course and empowering them to be self-sufficient.   Therefore, participants should have satisfactorily completed the Pedagogy 1 course, and have taught a fully online course while working with an assigned DL faculty mentor, before enrolling in this course.

This course is also conducted entirely online and requires approximately three to four hours per week of online participation. Thus the dates and times you want to log in and participate each week are up to you. Faculty members who successfully complete this optional course and then work with an assigned DL faculty mentor to demonstrate the use of skills learned, to teach a fully online class will become eligible for a one-time stipend of $500.  Note, your fully online class used to earn this $500 stipend must be a different class than the one used to earn the Pedagogy 1 stipend.  

At successful conclusion of this course you will receive a certificate of completion. Topics include:

  • Course design and navigation, including time management strategies to lighten your workload
  • Methods of presenting interactive course content to your students
  • Facilitating and enhancing the use of the boards to promote student participation, enabling them to be less dependent on you to keep discussions alive
  • Methods of creating podcasts, video presentations, blogs, journals and wikis
  • Methods of presenting content for slower vs. faster connection speeds at either beginner or advanced technical levels

Satisfactory completion of Pedagogy I is the pre-requisite for enrolling in this Pedagogy II course. Future session dates will be announced as they are scheduled. For additional information, contact Elizabeth Alexander at 718-990-2353.