Online Learning Pedagogy I

St. John’s University’s Office of Online Learning and Services offers formal training for faculty members interested in teaching hybrid (aka blended, mixed-mode) or fully online courses. Successful completion of the “Online Learning Pedagogy I" workshop is the primary method for receiving certification to teach any of the University’s fully online or hybrid courses. Be sure to consult your chairperson about which hybrid or online course you will be assigned to teach in future semesters. Do NOT schedule one for the semester immediately following the workshop, as certification is not guaranteed. Additionally, please note that such teaching assignments are at the sole discretion of the academic department.
Ten to twelve hours per week of online participation is required for the full five weeks to complete the certification. Upon successful completion of this workshop, and after teaching a fully online course with assistance from a Online Learning mentor, the University will provide a one-time stipend of $1,000 to the participant. Participation in this course is asynchronous, which means that there will be no face-to-face sessions or required dates/times when you will need to be ‘logged-in’ to the online workshop. You can participate at days and times that are convenient for your schedule; however, all course assignments must be submitted by the stated deadlines in the syllabus in order to successfully complete the workshop and obtain certification. Please note that participants enrolling in this course must have basic computer proficiency skills such as logging in, cutting and pasting text, and attaching documents to e-mails.  Basic competence in the use of the Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS) is also expected. Information Technology has created a Blackboard LMS workshop, you may register via this link. Note, participants should also be prepared to work on an existing course syllabus that will be adapted to the hybrid or online format.
The next section of the pedagogy workshop will be offered June 9 – July 11, 2014, and led by Dr. Tracey Cooper. Faculty members interested in enrolling need to complete this registration form.  Enrollment is limited, and registrations are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Should you need further information, please email