How to Register for Online Courses

  1. Go to St. John's Central and log-in with your user name and PIN/password (password is the same as your UIS password. and your user name is firstname.lastname2digit year of admission into the university, lower case -- i.e., if your name is John Smith and you started STJ in 2002, then your user name is john.smith02.  If your name is Kathleen Johnson, and you started STJ in 1999, dropped out and returned for readmission in 2001, then your user name is kathleen.johnson01)

  2. Once you are logged in, select UIS tab.

  3. Choose "Click here to access"

  4. Choose "Student and Financial Aid" 

  5. Select "Registration"

  6. Select "Add/Drop Classes"

  7. Select "Term"

  8. Enter your "Priority Number" (you should have received this from your academic Advisor/Dean).  If you don't have this number, contact your Advisor/Dean. 

After you do this step, you can either add the CRN of the courses you want to enroll in to complete the registration, OR, if you don't know the CRN, you can look it up at this point in the process.