Jeffrey Grossmann ‘89SVC

Homeland and Corporate Security Major Meets Challenges of the 21st Century

In the decade since the September 11, 2001 tragedy, St. John’s University has aggressively developed a nationally recognized Homeland and Corporate Security major that enables our students to meet the myriad challenges faced by the post-9/11 world.

Professor Jeffrey Grossmann ‘89SVC has spearheaded the program, reconfiguring existing courses, developing new ones and outlining a mission plan that addresses the needs of this dynamic field. The program has grown rapidly since its inception in 2007.

“Homeland Security, is a relatively new academic discipline that broadens the scope of responsibilities formerly under the National Security mandate, and is primarily about protecting our national critical infrastructure” stated Professor Grossmann. “It used to be called National Security, but now protecting the borders is no longer the primary issue. Today, hundreds of terrorists are already in the country lying dormant. The concept of securing the borders is outdated. The shift toward Homeland Security is about protecting our national critical infrastructure.”

An Innovative Approach

Professor Grossmann was employed as a Security Executive for Macy’s in Herald Square prior to his arrival at St. John’s, and served as a member of the National Guard. He is also a practicing attorney. “When I worked in retail, I was worried who was committing a crime and how do I get my money back. Now, you need to worry about where the money is going, who funded them and who sent them here.”

Explaining Homeland and Corporate Security as a partnership between the government and the private sector, Professor Grossmann stressed that programs dealing only with Homeland issues are limiting. “Companies such as rental car agencies, shipping and receiving companies, pilot training facilities, banks and many others in the private sector are faced with security issues every day,” he noted.

“We developed the program with that in mind,” he explained. “Our program is a hybrid. It’s homeland security and traditional security administration working in joint partnership and possessing a post-9/11 mentality.” He added that most courses in the program deal with that partnership element. “It’s about government working with the private sector to develop viable solutions.”

Exploring Options

Following his National Guard service, Professor Grossmann enrolled at St. John’s as a Criminal Justice major before switching to Legal Studies. He eventually became an attorney and worked in the security field for Macy’s and Marriott Hotels. He returned to St. John’s as a Professor of Criminal Justice. “I enjoyed the training aspect of my jobs almost as much as the jobs themselves, and teaching felt like a natural fit.”

Professor Grossmann indicated that there has been great enthusiasm for this program and he has received much support from Dean Kathleen MacDonald of the College of Professional Studies.

“You can’t watch the news today without seeing the phrase ‘Homeland Security,’” he observed, noting there are a great deal of career opportunities for students who graduate from the program. Some opt for a career in the military. Others go into government service or the private sector with great potential for career advancement. When discussing specific course offerings Professor Grossmann stressed that terrorism is not a stand-alone subject. “It’s something that is woven into every course.”

In addition to teaching, Professor Grossmann fields a great many inquiries from potential students discussing with them everything from salary to safety issues. He sees his role as laying out the myriad career options available to students and helping them choose the one that fits them best.

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