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Health and Human Services, Bachelor of Science

129 Credits
College of Professional Studies
Queens Campus


As the healthcare industry continues to undergo major changes in structure and financing, skilled health services administrators will be needed to improve, direct and coordinate cost-effective and quality healthcare delivery systems. They will be expected to integrate in-depth knowledge of the complex regulatory environment with organizational management and technology expertise.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that employment for health and human services administrators will rise by 16% by 2018. Demand will be strongest in hospitals, private medical offices and healthcare management companies.

You can prepare for these opportunities through the new, 129-credit Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Services at St. John’s University. Offered by the College of Professional Studies, the program is designed to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to assume entry-level managerial positions in the industry.

Committed to serving student needs, registered nurses seeking admission to the program are granted a maximum of 60 credits toward earning a Bachelor of Science degree.

Reflecting the University’s Vincentian and Catholic values, the program places emphasis on providing quality, cost-effective healthcare for marginalized populations including the elderly, the poor and the mentally ill. Benefiting from St. John’s metropolitan commitment, Healthcare Informatics majors have access to invaluable health services and human services internship opportunities at leading New York-area hospitals and other medical providers.


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Career Outcomes

Students who earn their Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Services Administration will be prepared to

  • Administer health services organizations
  • Provide compassionate and effective healthcare services for marginalized populations
  • Be knowledgeable in the psychological and sociological healthcare issues impacting different population segments
  • Have up-to-date knowledge about healthcare regulations
  • Advise healthcare providers when interventions are appropriate
  • Be articulate about the mission of health services agencies
  • Be familiar with various medical specialties, diseases, diagnoses and treatments
  • Identify and analyze clinical care issues in varying healthcare organizations
  • Provide human resource management
  • Provide financial management

Recognize emerging social and economic issues that will impact healthcare services delivery

Additional Information

Health and Human Services Administration majors enjoy the advantages of being part of St. John’s University. As a metropolitan university committed to Vincentian and Catholic values, St. John’s has forged strategic partnerships with leading healthcare providers throughout the New York area. These relationships make it possible for students to network and have access to professional internships giving them invaluable real-life experience.

They also benefit from the many academic resources for which the University is known. Facilities include high-tech classrooms, state-of-the-art computer laboratories, a 1.7 million-volume University Library systems and our new D’Angelo Center. This five-story, 127,000-square foot University and Student Center equipped with classrooms, lecture halls, a Starbucks Café and a full-service food court.

They have the option of joining the campus Computer Science Society for access to community service and networking and other career-related opportunities.

In addition, students have the option of taking part in the University’s innovative study abroad programs — further expanding their educational and experiential horizons.