Funeral Service Administration, Bachelor of Science

66 Credits
College of Professional Studies
Queens Campus, Staten Island Campus


The passing of a loved one is among the most challenging and stressful events that can confront a person. More than ever, people depend on funeral service practitioners to provide an appropriate and meaningful way to manage that transition.

Today, the demand for well-trained funeral service administrators is growing. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, people seek “a meaningful service that provides a connection to their loved one and a celebration of the life that was lived.”

The Program
You can prepare for a career in this field through the widely respected Bachelor of Science in Funeral Service Administration at St. John’s University. Offered through St. John’s College of Professional Studies, the program provides students with the knowledge and skills for success in this challenging profession.

St. John’s offers this program in cooperation with the American Academy McAllister Institute (AAMI) of Funeral Service in Manhattan. The cooperative program provides courses to prepare students as practitioners in the funeral service field, and also provides a foundation in interpersonal communication, counseling, public relations and business management. This innovative approach gives graduates of the program a competitive edge in the industry.

Funeral Director licensure requirements vary by state.  Completion of the AOS degree at AAMI qualifies students to sit for the licensure exam.

AAMI is Accredited by the American Board of Funeral Service Education

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Career Outcomes

A degree in funeral service administration provides a strong foundation to advance within the industry.  A funeral service student learns skills in areas such as interpersonal communication, counseling, public relations and different aspects of business management.

As the industry emphasizes personalization, these skills will prove increasingly important in the service of families that are under extreme emotional stress.  The skills and knowledge acquired in the program give a competitive edge to our graduates.

The Funeral Services profession offers the stability of employment as well as the opportunity to help others and be involved in the community.

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Success Story

Upon his return to New York City, O’Keefe became the Associate Director of the Office of Management & Budget for the New York City Transit Police Department.