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Mass Communication

The Mass Communication, Journalism, Television and Film division offers a wide-range of programs of study including Advertising Communication, Mass Communication, Journalism and Television and Film. Click on the heading above for a complete listing of degrees as well as co-op and internship programs.

The Mass Communications Advisory Council is composed of leading executives from the radio, television, motion picture, advertising and public relations industries. Members provide ongoing advisment and support to the University.

Students learn from an outstanding faculty with extensive professional experience. The advertising communication faculty includes an advertising executive with 5 Clios (the highest award in creativity) and 6 Effies (the highest award in marketing), an Emmy-winning television writer/director, a nationally recognized media graphics professional, a noted author, and an editor for The New York Times.

Our journalism faculty members have extensive practical experience.  Many continue to work in journalism as editors and reporters, combining their academic and theoretical knowledge with the real world of journalism. They teach what they do professionally.

Department Contacts

Alla Baeva
Chair, Division of Mass Communication
Queens Campus

John Swan, Jr, M.B.A.
Director, Advertising Communication
Queens Campus

Michael Rizzo
Director, Journalism Program
Queens Campus

Candice Roberts, Ph.D
Director, Mass Communication
Queens Campus

Deborah Greh, Ph.D.
Director, Mass Communication Program
Staten Island Campus

Alla Baeva
Director, Film & Television Program
Queens Campus

Sofia Fasos
Director, Public Relations Program
Queens Campus

Basilio G. Monteiro, Ph.D
Director, Graduate Program
International Communication
Queems Campus