Serajuddin Research Lab 

Investigation of Novel Drug Delivery Systems and Processing Technologies in New State-of-the-Art Research Laboratories

The primary focuses of Prof. Serajuddin’s research are (1) the development of novel drug delivery systems, especially for poorly water-soluble drugs, and (2) the innovation in processing technologies for solid dosage forms. The current research projects in two modern state-of-the art research laboratories include:

  • Development of liquid and solid self-emulsifying drug delivery systems
  • Development of high-energy solids for enhancing dissolution rate of drugs
  • Supersolubilization and amorphization of drugs by acid-base interaction
  • Solid dispersion of poorly water-soluble drugs
  • Application of nanoparticle technology in oral bioavailability enhancement
  • Application of hot melt extrusion technology to dosage form development
  • Drug dissolution theory
  • In vitro-in vivo correlation
  • Melt granulation and wet granulation using twin-screw extruders
  • Application of twin-screw extruders to continuous manufacturing of solid dosage forms
  • Development of modified-release dosage forms using osmotic pump principles

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