Paramedic Original

Paramedics are health professionals who treat a wide variety of patients in advanced life support. The Paramedics mostly work in the pre-hospital settings so in essence the Emergency Room Department is brought to the patient either at home, work or any public setting. Paramedics are highly trained in advanced life support and in the pre-hospital setting; the Paramedic is the highest level of medical care provider.

The only other health care profession who has a higher health care status in the pre-hospital setting is a Physician. The Paramedic is in charge of all patient care in the pre-hospital setting. Paramedic's work under a wide variety of standing orders, so emergency treatment is available very quickly to the patient. Many, many lives are saved because of the Paramedic - it is a profession to be very proud to be a part of.

All our EMS programs now use interactive on-line learning allowing the student to be able to take quizzes and exams at their leisure and in their home or using our computer center located at the Dr. Bartilucci Center. Students are required to have computer access for all our courses.

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