AHA Instructor Corner

You will find useful links and forms needed to make your AHA programs easier to run and keep track of. To all instructors regarding payment, when sending in your money for the cost of the cards and administrative services, the payment must be in a form of Money Order or Certified Bank Check. We do not accept checks.

The St. John's University Training Center currently working with:

AHA Forms:


Prior to teaching any courses pull up the Notification of Intent off your computer, fill out the shaded boxes (the rest of the page is locked so you can’t make a mistake and change anything). Save the completed form to your computer under a unique name. (I am saving them all under the date of the course. Example:  BLS04-01-11.doc or ACLS03-30-11)

The best way to send this to me is to send it as an email attachment to my address hollidas@stjohns.edu The second less preferable choice would be to print it and fax it to me at 718-990-8470


This form must be filled out and mailed back to STJ TC if ANY of your contact information has changed.


This form is used to receive AHA instructor teaching credit for courses you do not teach under the STJ TC, QCC TS, and this form must be filled out and either faxed or emailed to the STJ TC.

End of Course Evaluation Student Forms and Instructor Evaluation Summary Forms:

At the end of your class ask everyone to fill out an end of course evaluation.  You can print these from the instructor corner on the stjohns.edu/ems web page. Pull up your saved copy of the End of Course Evaluation Summary. Total all your responses and fill them in on that form in the appropriate shaded boxes. Save the completed form to your computer under a unique name.Email or fax me that sheet

The AHA Instructor who teaches the respective AHA course saves the original student evaluations for 3 years from the date of the class (AHA requirement).  DO NOT send me paper copies. You must have these files at all time for audits.

END OF COURSE EVALUATION FORM -this is filled out by the student and given to the instructor. The Instructor saves these evaluations, DO NOT send them to us.

END OF COURSE EVALUATION SUMMARY - this is to be filled out by the course instructor, tally all the values on this form.

Interim Skills Testing Sheets:

 Additional Information:

 ACLS Instructor Materials:

 PALS Instructor Materials:

 BLS and Heartsaver Instructor Materials:

How to order AHA Books and Instructor Supplies:

There are three companies that supply AHA materials, you are free to chose who you want but we do have a great discount with Channing Bete ONLY!

Channing Bete - As part of the STJ AHA Training Center you are eligible for a 5% discount on AHA products and 10% on equipment from Channing Bete when you order $200 or more of AHA supplies.

On orders of $200 or more you get free shipping.

When placing orders of $200 or more call Megan Valle at 1-888-834-6640 extension 2 and make sure to mention you are affiliated with St. John’s University Training Center.

Orders below $200 are not entitled to the discount.  To place those orders please call Channing Bete customer service direct at 1-800-611-6083.