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Institute for Writing Studies

The Institute for Writing Studies was created in 2006 and houses three programs: the First-Year Writing Program, University Writing Center, and the Writing Across the Curriculum program. The IWS is dedicated to fostering a vibrant writing culture throughout the University, serving as a nexus for research, teaching, assessment, and service in all areas of writing: academic, creative, professional, and multimodal. The main location of the IWS on our Queens campus, located in St. Augustine Hall Room 150, was designed to house all three of these units in an effort to foster dialogue and collaboration among the directors, faculty, and students.

The Institute for Writing Studies is proud to announce that the University Writing Center and the Writing Across the Curriculum Program were awarded the 2013-2014 CCCC Writing Program Certificate of Excellence. Congratulations to Dr. Harry Denny and Dr. Anne Geller for their success in showcasing the work of these two programs!

The First-Year Writing Program boasts a faculty of full- and part-time professors dedicated to the teaching of undergraduate writing. These faculty consistently have some of the highest student evaluation of teaching scores in the University. Full-time faculty in the program have published articles in such journals as College Composition and CommunicationComposition ForumEnglish Journal, Journal of the Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on LearningPedagogy, PsyArt, Radical TeacherWorkplace, and Writing on the Edge; book chapters in presses such as Parlor Press, SUNY Press, and the University of Georgia Press; and books with Parlor Press, and  the University of Missouri Press. Among them, these faculty have given over 100 presentations on panels, roundtables, and workshops at conferences such as the Association for Literature and the Environment, the Conference on College Composition and Communication, the Contemplative Campus Conference, the CUNY Feminist Pedagogy Conference, the Feminisms and Rhetoric Conference, the Hofstra "Who Owns Writing?" Conference, the Modern Language Association, the New England Writing Center Associatioon Conference, the Northeast Modern Language Association, National Council of Teachers of English, the Thomas R. Watson Conference, the SUNY Conference on Writing, the Trauma and Learning in Post-Secondary Education Conference, the University of CT Conference on the Teaching of Writing, and others. First-year writing faculty are also active in publishing literary nonfiction, novels, short fiction, poetry, and even film documentaries. You can find their bios by clicking on the link above.

The University Writing Center provides a place where all University students, faculty, and staff are welcome to discuss their writing with trained writing consultants.  It is one of the three arms of the University's Institute for Writing Studies (IWS) and exists to collaborate with all writers.  In addition to providing one-to-one consultations with students, the Writing Center sponsors readings and presentations by students and faculty, as well as faculty conversations about writing pedagogy and research methods.  Our undergraduate and graduate consultants are active in professional organizations and present their research at regional and national conferences.  The Writing Center exists to foster a writing culture across the University.

The Writing Across the Curriculum Program provides support for faculty teaching with writing across the disciplines in all colleges. Our Writing Across the Curriculum Program features an annual Faculty Writing Fellows program where faculty are selected to work with student writing consultants. Depending on the year, the WAC program also hosts a Summer Writing Institute, a ten-day retreat where faculty workshop both their writing projects and their planned curricular projects. These retreats have been held on our Rome and Paris campuses. 

Contact information and profiles of faculty and directors affiliated with the IWS can be found by pointing your browser at the above links. The Insitute for Writing Studies is directed by Derek Owens. For further information please contact Dorothy Bukay, Coordinator, Institute for Writing Studies, at 718-990-6910.