Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to go online at a certain day/time?
Usually not. However, students enrolled in online courses must complete required course assignments in the time allotted by their professor. A great benefit of taking an asynchronous online course is not having a specific day or time in which students are required to be online. This time flexibility can work well for students who juggle a career and other responsibilities. (Some professors may conduct some live, web-based sessions or meetings in their courses, so it is best to check with the professor about any such requirements.)

Are online programs comparable in quality to on-campus programs?
Yes. The same faculty that teaches on-campus courses teaches online courses. This means that the rigor, quality, and workload for the online classes are comparable to the on-campus classes.

How much does it cost?
Tuition and fees for online courses are the same as tuition for on-campus courses.

What courses do you offer?
Please visit our course offerings page for up-to-date information on St. John’s online courses.

How do I connect with faculty members?
In an online course, students will have online interaction with professors and students through tools available in our learning management system, Blackboard, or through email.  Some faculty members may also be reached by phone or other methods, so please review the course syllabus carefully for your instructor’s contact information and availability.

Will I ever meet my professors in person?
Online classes do not require on-campus meetings.

Will there be group projects? How are they handled?
Yes, faculty members may create online groups of students to collaborate on assignments and projects. Please read the syllabus carefully and contact your professor with any questions.

What should I do if I have computer problems?
Technical support is available via phone and online.  

Do online courses require textbooks?
If the professor requires a text, then students will have to purchase textbooks for online courses just as they would for any other college course. Please visit the University bookstore online to find out what books are required for specific online course/s. We advise all students to secure their textbooks in advance to keep up with the demands of the class.