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Student Advisement Reports

Students Advisement Reports are valuable tools for students and their advisors to enhance the advisement process. This report is an unofficial guide that displays how a student's coursework is applied to his/her degree program as well as an unofficial source of information on degree requirements and GPAs. Additionally, information on advisement reports is "real time" - accurate at the point in time the report is run. If a student record is changed after a report is run, a new report must be run to reflect the change.

Student Advisement Reports are available for all undergraduate degree programs. Reports for other degree programs will be introduced as they become availble. 

Accessing Student Advisement Reports
Students and designated advisors may access Student Advisement Reports through MySJU.

Once logged on to MySJU, students should click the "UIS" tab. In UIS, students may access their advisement report by selecting "Student Records" under the Registration/Schedule menu, and then selecting "Advisement Report". Students should follow the prompts to enter the appropriate term and proceed to view previous reports, generate a new report, or comple a "What-If Analysis".

Advisors may access the report by selecting the "Advisor Menu" under the Faculty and Advisor Only menu in UIS, and then selecting "Advisement Report". Advisors will be prompted to enter the appropriate term and student(s) for whom to view or generate a report.

Accuracy of Student Advisement Reports
Although we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of Student Advisement Reports, these reports remain unofficial guides to degree progress. Students and advisors remain responsible for ensuring that all degree requirements are satisfied.

No degree will be automatically awarded based on a Student Advisement Report. Likewise, no degree will be withheld simply on the basis of a Student Advisement Report. Determinations to award or withhold degrees will continue to be made in each of the University's colleges according to its established policies and procedures.

Students should inform their advisors or deans of concerns about the information on their advisement reports.