St. John's University New York Campuses Closed

Out of concern for the safety of our students, faculty, and administration and in consideration of the widespread regional snow removal efforts which are expected, all St. John's University's New York campuses will be closed Monday, January 26, and Tuesday, January 27, 2015, and all classes will be canceled.

This closing applies to St. John's Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, and Oakdale campuses.

Grades and Marks

The grading scales for each level follow:

Undergraduate LevelGraduate Level
GradePoint ValueGradePoint Value

''C'' is the lowest passing grade on the graduate level.There is no ''D-'' on the undergraduate level.


Additional Marks and Notations

ABF - Absent/FailureABF - Absent/Failure
ABX - Absent/No PenaltyAU - Audit
AU - AuditINC - Incomplete
P - PassingP - Passing
UW - Unofficial WithdrawalUW - Unofficial Withdrawal
WD - WithdrawalWD - Withdrawal
X - Failure, No Penalty 

Please note the following pertaining to the University's marks and notations:

  • There is no mark of INC on the undergraduate level. On the graduate level, this mark is assigned to students who fail to submit a research paper or some equivalent research project.
  • On the graduate level, the grade P is assigned in courses that may only be graded on a ''pass/fail'' basis.
  • On the undergraduate level, the grade P is assigned to students whose application for the ''pass/fail'' option is approved and who do passing work. Undergraduates approved for the ''pass/fail'' option who do failing work are assigned the mark of X.Undergraduates approved for the ''pass/fail'' option who miss their final examinations are assigned the mark of ABX.
  • Undergraduates not exercising the ''pass/fail'' option who miss their final examinations are assigned the mark of ABF. This mark counts in the GPA as anF.
  • The mark of WD (withdrawal) is assigned upon the completion of the of the official withdrawal process.
  • The mark of UW (unofficial withdrawal) may be assigned, at the instructor's discretion, in cases for which there is an insufficient basis for an earned grade.
  • The mark of AU is assigned to both undergraduate and graduate students whose application for the audit option is approved. Students approved to audit a course receive no credit for it. Courses taken on an audit basis may not be repeated for credit.