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Paul Miller, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Administrative and Instructional Leadership
Ph.D., University of Utah
M.S., Idaho State University
B.S., Ohio State University

Educational Background
Ph.D., 1985, University of Utah, Educational Psychology
M.S., 1978, Idaho, Experimental Psychology, Idaho State University
B.S., 1970, Ohio State University, Business Administration

Dr. Miller's research interests are school based data analysis and data-driven decision making, and the influence of personal characteristics and decision-specific factors on the choices of decision makers.  His research has demonstrated that the "framing effect" (Tversky & Kahneman, 1981), is moderated by these factors. The framing effect is the tendency to avoid risks when options are framed as though they are gains, but to prefer risky options when they are framed as losses. This work is part of a larger body of research pointing to the need for more comprehensive descriptive theories of choice.

Partnerships or Mentorships: Mentoring Amanda McCluskey-Prieto's doctoral dissertation 

Areas of Specialization: Research and statistics, measurement and evaluation, decision-making, positive psychology