Lina Gilic, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Education Specialties
Ph.D., Columbia University
M.S., Adelphi University
B.S., St. John’s University

Areas of Specialization: Behavior Disorder, Autism and Developmental Disabilities  


Fiorile, C. & Gilic, L. (In progress) Evidence-Based Protocol for Teaching Pre-Requisite Skills for Use with Vocal Output Devices For Children with Limited Verbal Repertoires. A protocol of instruction for skills needed for an Augmentative Alternate Communication device were taught.  The transfer of stimulus control and generalization of responses across an additional two devices was accomplished using the same protocol.

Gilic, L. & Greer, R.D. (2011) Establishing naming in typically developing two-year old children as a function of multiple exemplar speaker and listener experiences. The Analysis of Verbal Behavior, 27 The research used multiple-probe designs (2 groups of 4 children) to test the effect of multiple exemplar instruction (MEI) across speaker and listener responses on the emergence of Naming. 

Gilic, L. (2005). Development of Naming in two-year-old children. Columbia University. 135 pages; AAT 3188740 / Two experiments were conducted to investigate how the bidirectional components of Naming (listener to speaker and speaker to listener) affect the acquisition of Naming in typical two-year old children. /