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Aaron Muth

Assistant Professor
Pharmaceutical Sciences
PhD, Chemistry, University of Central Florida
MA, Chemistry, University of Virginia
BS, Chemistry, Binghamton University

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Journal Articles

Muth, A., Subramanian, V., Beaumont, E., Nagar, M., Kerry, P., McEwan, P., Srinath, H., Clancy, K., Parelkar, S., and Thompson, P. R. (2017). Development of a Selective Inhibitor of Protein Arginine Deiminase 2.. Journal of medicinal chemistry.

Borselli, D., Blanchet, M., Bolla, J. M., Muth, A., Skruber, K., O Phanstiel, 4th, , and Brunel, J. M. (2017). Motuporamine Derivatives as Antimicrobial Agents and Antibiotic Enhancers against Resistant Gram-Negative Bacteria.. Chembiochem : a European journal of chemical biology. vol. 18, pp. 276-283.

Young, C. H., Rothfuss, H. M., Gard, P. F., Muth, A., Thompson, P. R., Ashley, R. L., and Cherrington, B. D. (2017). Citrullination regulates the expression of insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 1 (IGFBP1) in ovine uterine luminal epithelial cells. Reproduction. vol. 153, pp. 1-10.

Zhang, X., Liu, X., Zhang, M., Li , T., Muth, A., Thompson, P. R., Coonrod, S. A., and Zhang, X. (2016). Peptidylarginine deiminase 1-catalyzed histone citrullination is essential for early embryo development.. Scientific reports. vol. 6, pp. 38727.

Khan, S. A., Edwards, B. S., Muth, A., Thompson, P. R., Cherrington, B. D., and Navratil, A. M. (2016). GnRH Stimulates Peptidylarginine Deiminase Catalyzed Histone Citrullination in Gonadotrope Cells.. Molecular endocrinology (Baltimore, Md.). vol. 30, pp. 1081-1091.

Crowley, V. M., Khandelwal, A., Mishra, S., Stothert, A. R., Huard, D. J., Zhao, J., Muth, A., Duerfeldt, A. S., Kizziah, J. L., Lieberman, R. L., Dickey, C. A., and Blagg, B. S. (2016). Development of Glucose Regulated Protein 94-Selective Inhibitors Based on the BnIm and Radamide Scaffold.. Journal of medicinal chemistry. vol. 59, pp. 3471-88.

Ghari, F., Quirke, A. M., Munro, S., Kawalkowska, J., Picaud, S., McGouran, J., Subramanian, V., Muth, A., Williams, R., Kessler, B., Thompson, P. R., Fillipakopoulos, P., Knapp, S., Venables, P. J., and La Thangue, N. B. (2016). Citrullination-acetylation interplay guides E2F-1 activity during the inflammatory response.. Science advances. vol. 2, pp. e1501257.

Li , G., Hayward, I. N., Jenkins, B. R., Rothfuss, H. M., Young, C. H., Nevalainen, M. T., Muth, A., Thompson, P. R., Navratil, A. M., and Cherrington, B. D. (2016). Peptidylarginine Deiminase 3 (PAD3) Is Upregulated by Prolactin Stimulation of CID-9 Cells and Expressed in the Lactating Mouse Mammary Gland.. PloS one. vol. 11, pp. e0147503.

Muth, A., Crowley, V., Khandelwal, A., Mishra, S., Zhao, J., Hall, J., and Blagg, B. S. (2014). Development of radamide analogs as Grp94 inhibitors.. Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry. vol. 22, pp. 4083-98.

Muth, A., Pandey, V., Kaur, N., Wason, M., Baker, C., Han, X., Johnson, T. R., Altomare, D. A., and O Phanstiel, 4th, (2014). Synthesis and biological evaluation of antimetastatic agents predicated upon dihydromotuporamine C and its carbocyclic derivatives.. Journal of medicinal chemistry. vol. 57, pp. 4023-34.

Muth, A., Madan, M., Archer, J. J., Ocampo, N., Rodriguez, L., and O Phanstiel, 4th, (2014). Polyamine transport inhibitors: design, synthesis, and combination therapies with difluoromethylornithine.. Journal of medicinal chemistry. vol. 57, pp. 348-63.

Muth, A., Kamel, J., Kaur, N., Shicora, A. C., Ayene, I. S., Gilmour, S. K., and O Phanstiel, 4th, (2013). Development of polyamine transport ligands with improved metabolic stability and selectivity against specific human cancers.. Journal of medicinal chemistry. vol. 56, pp. 5819-28.

Kurihara, S., Sakai, Y., Suzuki, H., Muth, A., O Phanstiel, 4th, , and Rather, P. N. (2013). Putrescine importer PlaP contributes to swarming motility and urothelial cell invasion in Proteus mirabilis.. The Journal of biological chemistry. vol. 288, pp. 15668-76.

Kumar, S., Sharma, R., Garcia, M., Kamel, J., McCarthy, C., Muth, A., and O Phanstiel, 4th, (2012). Chemoselective amide formation using O-(4-nitrophenyl)hydroxylamines and pyruvic acid derivatives.. The Journal of organic chemistry. vol. 77, pp. 10835-45.

Handy, S. T., Wilson, T., and Muth, A. (2007). Disubstituted pyridines: the double-coupling approach.. The Journal of organic chemistry. vol. 72, pp. 8496-500.

Book Chapters

Muth, A., Devraj, R., Kumaravel, G., and Thompson, P. R. (2016). Small-molecule modulators of protein arginine deiminases (PAD). In: Medicinal Chemistry Reviews. Washington, DC: Medicinal Chemistry Division of the ACS. vol. 51, pp. 135-148.

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