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Charles Wankel, Ph.D., Professor of Management in The Peter J. Tobin College of Business, wanted see how learning could be made more engaging by combining course work with activities less traditionally part of the curriculum.
"We were raised to be socially conscious,” Fonjoe said. He and Doh created the foundation because “we had to do something” about the poverty they saw whenever they visited Bali.”
“Direct engagement with students working in the lab can prove a very formative experience for a student’s career, particularly the realization that scholarly research can be the foundation of a creative process.” - Matteo Ruggiu, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
“If I didn’t go to St. John’s, there’s no chance I would end up getting accepted to Harvard. They were the only school that would take a chance on me. People will tell you that you have limitations. I never encountered that at St. John’s.”
Andrew Chang, St. John's University student
“As a freshman, I knew I would get a good education, but I never dreamed I’d live all over the world. St. John’s has totally changed my life.”
“My internships, combined with my classroom education, gave me a huge head start when I launched my career. I’ve always been able to hit the ground running on the first day. Even being a woman in a male-dominated field has been no big deal because I’ve been well prepared and have proven I can do the job.”
"My interest in service began in high school. However, our service trip to Puerto Rico really gave me a new perspective on what social justice means on a global scale."
“My real calling is in academia, doing scholarly research, teaching, and inspiring students.”
“At SJU, we don’t just teach students to prepare them for an occupation or career, we teach them how to think critically and in new ways.”

With over 25 years of experience in libraries, Bridget Quinn-Carey ’93G ‘15MBA has taken the helm of the Hartford Public Library as director. Her leadership vision -- which has been...

Selina Sharmin ‘10G came to the United States from Bangladesh in 2000 and began...

“St. John’s University’s teaching programs definitely equip students with the content and practical skills needed to contribute to positive change and become successful teachers...