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As a young person himself, Paul Morisi ‘14G felt called to service in the Catholic Church. “I just knew I was in a relationship with Jesus Christ and wanted to learn as much as I could...

Though he was in the midst of a rewarding, 21-year career in higher education at a midwestern university, Mark Browne, Ph.D., didn’t think twice about accepting an invitation to become part of St. John’s faculty.
“Global citizenship is more than just words,” said Kennedy. “We must work together to make the world a better place—that’s our global responsibility.”

As he begins his final spring semester at St. John’s, Mike Gutierrez ’17CPS still looks with wonder at the cross-country summer adventure that took him through 13 states in 62 days...

Timothy Keiningham, Ph.D., is ready to rock and roll—but not in the way he originally intended. At one time, Dr. Keiningham dreamed of playing guitar in a rock band to sold-out crowds. Today, the New York Times bestselling author is delighted to serve as the new J. Donald Kennedy Endowed Chair in E-Commerce and Associate Professor in The Peter J. Tobin College of Business.

As a child, Carmine P. Gibaldi, Ed.D. ’77C, ’79 M.B.A., Associate Professor of...

Aminath Zumra, a Fulbright Scholar from Maldives, had no misgivings when it was time to select a university for her graduate work: St. John’s was at the top of her list.
Charles Wankel, Ph.D., Professor of Management in The Peter J. Tobin College of Business, wanted see how learning could be made more engaging by combining course work with activities less traditionally part of the curriculum.
"We were raised to be socially conscious,” Fonjoe said. He and Doh created the foundation because “we had to do something” about the poverty they saw whenever they visited Bali.”
“Direct engagement with students working in the lab can prove a very formative experience for a student’s career, particularly the realization that scholarly research can be the foundation of a creative process.” - Matteo Ruggiu, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
“If I didn’t go to St. John’s, there’s no chance I would end up getting accepted to Harvard. They were the only school that would take a chance on me. People will tell you that you have limitations. I never encountered that at St. John’s.”