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Success Stories

Guarella achieves a cherished goal — induction into the President’s Society at St. John’s University.
From a young age, Foukalas knew she was destined to teach.
“I’m going to make a difference in this world and I’m going to begin with our future leaders,” says Dougherty.
“Once I came to St. John’s I knew I’d be successful,” says D’Aversa.
Accepted to St. John’s s as a Presidential Scholar for her remarkable academic achievement.
When Balekji visited St. John’s University’s as a prospective student, it was love at first sight.
Being a member of the St. John’s community influenced Carolina to live out the Vincentian mission of serving others long after graduation.
Overcoming Adversity, Education Student Excels at St. John’s
A Leader on Campus, Education Major Helps Others Succeed
Today, Park, 28, is a student-teacher of seventh-grade social studies at The Queens School of Inquiry, a job he truly relishes.
Aspiring Teacher Finds a “Second Home” at St. John’s
Education Major Excited to Start Her Career