Mary T. Harper Hagan

Mary Harper Hagan operates in the dual capacity of Chief Human Resources Officer and leader of the University’s strategic planning processes, including oversight of the current 2011-2014 Strategic Repositioning Plan and the institutional research function.  Ms. Harper Hagan assumed responsibility for Strategic Planning in 2002 and has led the University’s planning committees through the successful completion of the 2004-2008 and 2008-2013 Strategic Plans. Her role in HR includes responsibility for all employee benefits and compensation programs as well as for creating a climate that encourages the recruitment, development and retention of talented people aligned with the University’s Mission.

Prior to joining St. John’s in 1999 as the Vice President for Human Resources, Ms. Harper Hagan had been Vice President and HR Executive for Small Business Financial Services at JP Morgan Chase and in various human resources leadership positions for the previous 15 years. Ms. Harper Hagan is a graduate of Trinity University in Washington, D.C., where she earned a B.A. degree in English literature, a year of which was spent at the University College Cork in Ireland. She also completed course work toward a master’s degree at Cornell’s Industrial Labor Relations program offered through Baruch College in New York City. Mary resides between Manhattan and the Jersey shore with her husband, Dennis, and has three step sons.