"Digital Rights and Media Governance" Symposium

May 7, 2014
6:00 pm — 9:00 pm
D’Angelo Center, Room 128

Presented by the International Communication Graduate Program

The symposium will feature a Keynote Address by Julia Zappi, Master of Science Graduate Student, Program in International Communication at St. John’s University’s College of Professional Studies, discussing the “Balkanization of the Internet” with a follow-up response by Dr. Christina Schweikert, Assistant Professor, Department Computer Science, Mathematics and Sciences at St. John’s University.

Following the Keynote Address, a panel discussion will explore digitalization, its governance, and its social as well as economic implications in Sri Lanka, China, Turkey, Lebanon and Russia. During this discussion, several international communication graduate student panelists will highlight the challenges and opportunities of digital access, freedom of expression, citizen journalism, political activism and more that influence democratic and economic development. The cases presented will examine similarities and differences and suggest solutions for media governance within the various countries being discussed. 

For more information, please contact Dr. Basilio Monteiro at Monteirb@stjohns.edu OR Dr. Aslama Horowitz at Aslamam@stjohns.edu.