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Robert Fanuzzi

Dr. Robert Fanuzzi is Associate Professor of English and Assistant Chair of the department on the Staten Island Campus.  With a Ph. D. in English from Northwestern University, he teaches eighteenth and nineteenth century American literature, African-American literature, and trans-Atlantic literatures from both the colonial and the post-colonial eras.  His recent undergraduate and graduate teaching focusses on “hemispheric” American Studies, connecting the eighteenth and nineteenth century United States to colonial societies and histories in Latin America, South America, and the French Caribbean. 

Dr. Fanuzzi is the author of the book, Abolition’s Public Sphere, a study of public culture and civil rights politics in the nineteenth century antislavery struggle.  He has also published extensively on the French and British antislavery movement as well as on the origin of mixed race or “mulatto” fiction in American literature.  His recent article on the antislavery fiction writer Lydia Maria Child, “How Mixed Race Politics Entered the United States: Lydia Maria Child’s Appeal,” addresses the controversy over mixed race marriages and sexual unions in the nineteenth century.   He is now completing a book that examines the impact of French colonial policies of race mixing in the United States. 

On the Staten Island campus, Dr. Fanuzzi has partnered with the Vincentian Institute for Social Action in an effort to create an “engaged” liberal arts curriculum.  Out of this effort is emerging an interdisciplinary “Food Studies” curriculum that examines the negative effect of industrialized food on health, well-being, and economic development. Dr. Fanuzzi has also created a new American Studies program, an interdisciplinary minor with a similar emphasis on community engagement and the SJU Vincentian mission.