The Office of Marketing and Communications is staffed with two on-campus photographers reserved for office needs and activities.  Their primary focus is to build out the office’s portfolio, support brand awareness, and provide imagery for stories deemed priorities by the office.

The Office of Marketing and Communications does not have the capacity to fulfill every request for photographers. There is a University photo gallery with photographs available to University clients. At times, however, we may be able to accommodate some requests. Please view these photography options:

Requesting Photography Services
To submit a request, please contact the marketing liaison designated for your college or office. The liaison will contact the appropriate account director in the Office of Marketing and Communications. Please note: due to the volume of queries, requests should be submitted as far in advance as possible. Please include the following information:

Please complete and submit the Photographer Request Form to the marketing liaison designated for your college or office.

*Please allow three business days for the Office to review your request.

Alternative Options
If the office photographers are unavailable, please consider having the department or college take the photographs (see below for photo tips) or hire a freelance photographer. A list of freelance photographers is available upon request.

Photo Tips
When taking your own photographs, consider the following suggestions:

  • Think about ways to illustrate the idea with a single photo
  • Shoot multiple times so you can choose the best one
  • Shoot close-up, middle distance and overview
  • Plain background is preferred if possible
  • Do not put subject in front of window
  • Do not place subject against a wall, but at least a foot or two away
  • Shoot in the highest resolution

Always remember to obtain a photo release or photo release for minors.

SJU Extensis Photo Gallery
The Extensis Photo Gallery maintained by the Office of Marketing and Communications may be a resource for meeting your photography needs. To access the account, go to and log in as follows:

ID: reader
Password: reader

Please note that the Extensis Photo Gallery can only be accessed on campus or through VPN and requires that the latest version of Flash be installed on your computer. An instructional PDF on Extensis is available.