Government Relations

Brian Browne

Assistant Vice President for Government Relations

Brian Browne is Assistant Vice President for Government Relations at St. John’s University. Browne is responsible for all of the Government Relations efforts of the University and serves as the primary government relations liaison to elected officials and government agencies at the local,state and federal governments. Browne tracks legislation, provides legislative advocacy and awareness and works to secure new sources of government funding and appropriations for University programs and initiatives. 

He is the founder and primary coordinator of St. John’s PARTICIPATE, an annual civic engagement program that promotes a University-wide effort to increase civic involvement and engagement in the political process on campus and in the local community. After completing his undergraduate and graduate studies in government and politics at St. John’s University, Browne got his start in local politics as a congressional staffer before returning to his alma mater. He brings practical and professional experience to his advocacy and academic efforts. Browne’s political commentary and analysis has appeared in the New York Post, on NY1 and many local media outlets.

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