Student Conduct Process and Code of Conduct

We strive to address unacceptable and inappropriate behavior in a manner that informs students and guides them toward a greater understanding of the University mission, personal accountability, responsible decision-making, and the personal and professional expectations of our graduates once they leave our community.

The Board of Trustees at the May 14, 2014, meeting approved these policies. Policies were effective immediately following this Board meeting. Policies are reviewed annually by the Board and therefore are subject to future revision.

Table of Contents

  1. General Provision
  2. Student Code of Conduct
  3. Initiation of Student Conduct Process
  4. Behavioral Hearings
  5. University and Student Conduct Board Hearings
  6. Appeals of University and Student Conduct Hearings
  7. University Sanctions
  8. Interpretation and Revision

You may download the Student Conduct Process and Code of Conduct (PDF). Please view the University Notice of Non-Discrimination, Equal Opportunity.

Office Hours and Contact Information

Please visit the Office of Student Conduct.