Student Course Evaluation - FAQs

When does the online student course evaluation at St. John’s University start?
From the Fall 2007 semester on (Spring and Fall semesters).

What survey form is used for St. John’s student course evaluation?
The survey form was developed by a committee of St. John’s faculty members.

Who can I contact for assistance with the course evaluation?
You can contact Steven Glogocheski at or (718) 990-6998.

Does the new course evaluation system have any advantages for course instructors?
Yes, course instructors now have the option of adding their own questions (up to five) to their course surveys.

Furthermore, research indicates that a major advantage of online course evaluation is that it allows students as much time as they wish to complete, thereby generating more thoughtful comments than the traditional paper-and-pencil method.

What are the advantages of the course evaluation for students?
The literature indicates that students get dividends by participating in course evaluation. For example, they often ask more insightful questions in class, understand course material more deeply, and take greater responsibility for their learning.

Online course evaluation results can be analyzed much faster than those from paper and pencil administrations. This allows course instructors to make changes to their courses in a timely fashion, thereby leading to improvements in teaching and learning.

How can course instructors add their own questions to their course evaluations?
Each course instructor will receive an email message with a link to the survey form (to which they can add their own questions). You may download the instructions for adding questions to the survey.

Is the course evaluation anonymous?
Yes, it’s anonymous in the sense that the system only tracks students who have not completed the survey, thereby generating reminders to those students who have not responded to the survey. Course instructors will receive the aggregated results after they turn in the course grades; therefore, individual students cannot be identified in the results.

What courses will be evaluated?
Classroom instruction courses with three or more students will routinely be included in the evaluation every semester. However, instructors of non-classroom instruction courses have the option of participating in the course evaluation. Please contact Steven Glogocheski (Office of Institutional Research) at  or (718) 990-6998 for assistance.

How will students go online and complete the course evaluation form?
Each student will receive an e-mail with a unique computer-generated password and a link to the survey. All they need to do is to click on the link and complete the survey.

Is there any chance that students will be able to complete more than one survey for the same course?
No, because each password can only be used once. Therefore, after a student has completed a survey, the password that allowed him/her to access that survey becomes void.

When will the course evaluation start for each individual class?
The course evaluation will start three weeks before finals.

How will the course evaluation results be distributed?
After turning in their course grades, course instructors will receive aggregated results for each class as a PDF file through email.