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Institute for Management Studies (IMS)

These programs expand the professional development offerings for St. John's supervisors, managers and administrators. The Institute for Management Studies (IMS) offers one-day professional development workshops throughout the year on a variety of topics. Since St. John's has limited internal resources, these programs will supplement the current in-house programs and help to create an organization of strong leaders and lifelong learners.

Time Effective
All programs are offered in a one-day format from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Cost Effective
IMS is a membership organization with over 400 members. Because St. John's University is a member, you may attend at a low fee to your department of only $425 per person, per session.
Note: Other reputable external management programs generally run $750 or more per day. Fee may be subject to slight increase annually.

Convenient Locations: Programs are offered at two local sites including: Midtown Manhattan and Iselin, NJ (convenient to our Staten Island campus).

Approval for Registration: The enrollee's supervisor must approve attendance and budget allocation. A description of each workshop can be found on the Training and Development online registration system Calendar of Events. The enrollee must contact our Training Assistant at Ext. 2330 or to complete the registration process.

Enhance Professional Development
These programs may be included on your PFP Development Plan and qualify as an Elective in the Management Development and Professional Development Certificates.

IMS Cancellation Policy    
Registration must be cancelled 48 hours in advance. If an enrollee cannot attend for any reason, it is his or her responsibility to either find a substitute or to cancel him or herself out of the program. If an enrollee fails to attend for any reason and leaves a reserved seat empty without ample prior notification, the enrollee's department will be charged the full tuition. To cancel out of a class, contact our Training Assistant at Ext. 2330 or